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Are you looking for a career and not just a job?
If the answer is yes, then Midwest Signs might just have a spot for you.

Midwest Signs specializes in working with management companies and national sign companies. Our customers have contracts to install and service some of the country’s best-known brands and we do their Indianapolis sign service and Indianapolis sign installation work…but we also serve their needs throughout Indiana and in parts of Ohio, Illinois, and Kentucky.  

Our team is committed to over delivering for our customers and making the communities where we work safe and brightly lit with properly working signs and parking lot lighting. Our team members are expected to deliver a customer experience that shows our techs are experts, care about the details and deliver excellent customer service in every job, which is why the pay we offer is excellent, as well.

Don’t Miss This: If you’re hired – your team members will depend on you and our customers depend on us to keep our promises to them. For those reasons, if you can’t find a way to get to work on time, every time, or if you don’t have a clean driver’s license don’t apply.

Job Descriptions:

Low Voltage Electrical Sign Service Technician: We’re seeking diligent, coachable, and highly motivated individuals who have passion and lots of experience in low voltage electrical service. Our crews swiftly and accurately diagnose problems in the field, determine an effective solution and repair the problem after receiving authorization from the customer. Our team communicates with the office/customer periodically throughout the day because great communication with our customer is a big factor in our success (and theirs). If you want to join our elite team of sign service professionals apply today. We have opportunities for techs with leadership skills to develop and lead a crew(s).

Lead Sign Installer: We’re always looking for knowledgeable and coachable installers who are highly motivated and have a strong level of experience in sign installation, of all types. We’re looking for a few good men or women who know their stuff and are prepared to give our customers service beyond the ordinary. When other companies give excuses or take shortcuts our teams give quality solutions! If you’re looking for a chance to become a leader in your work environment, Midwest Signs is the place you’ve been looking for. We have opportunities for techs with leadership skills to develop and lead a crew(s).

Apprentice: Applicants for our entry positions have a great opportunity to learn valuable and highly paid skills and they also have an opportunity to support all their fellow team members, becoming an asset to their colleagues and our customers. We look for highly motivated people who are very coachable…someone with a good work ethic, who will quickly earn the respect of their peers because they understand the best way to learn is by helping someone more knowledgeable perform the task. We look for those individuals who will jump at the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done! They will care about their work environment and embrace the importance in keeping our shop, property and job sites clean and highly functional. In a word…”GUSTO”, we’re looking for someone who will look for what needs to be done, grab ahold of it and “Get-it-Done!”

Project Coordinators: We’re seeking diligent, coachable, and highly motivated individuals who believe that they have what it takes to manage sign service and sign installation projects for an educated buyer. Candidates will have well-developed organizational skills, good phone skills and the ability to think fast and find solutions to challenges. They will need to be able to create rapport on the phone with people they speak to regularly. They must be familiar with commonly used software programs, like Word and Excel but they will also need to be able to learn new programs like Cyrious Control. They will work with estimating projects, customer service and job costing. They will also work with sign permits, making online and occasional in-person applications. They will know or learn to understand scale drawings and basic components used in the sign and lighting industry. Overall, they will need to be the kind of person who is willing to learn and someone who is enjoyable to work with!

The Atmosphere:

The Atmosphere: To create a professional service experience, we hold our team members to a standard of quality that’s different from our competitors. Our office atmosphere is professional but laid-back. We enjoy hearing laughter in our office…because there are times when the pressure is felt, but those are the times when we get to shine! You’re not going to hear a lot of swearing and yelling at each other; you will hear kudos and “Great job”!  Everybody loves the weekend, but we want our office atmosphere to be something we look forward to on Monday!

Our well-developed systems are designed to help you become our customer’s favorite calls of the day. When you experience the flow of these systems, you’ll immediately recognize what we’re all about. We know our customers are discerning. They’re looking for attention to detail, a high level of communication, a wide range of sign service and sign installation capabilities, friendly/reliable job performance and we intend to deliver so they’re happy and you can feel accomplished.

Our culture is supportive and proactive. If there’s something we need to talk about or address we’re going to do it sooner rather than later and we’re going to use that conversation as an opportunity to learn and grow. If an employee isn’t really happy in our environment and they’re not “enjoying the journey”…then we’re going to help them find a new job. We’ve learned life is short and it just makes sense to be in environments that make you happy!

What Midwest Signs Isn’t?

At Midwest Signs, we pride ourselves on the details such as customer service and the overall experience we show on each service call or installation. We aren’t focusing on cutting corners and reducing our standard of quality in order to offer the cheapest service in our footprint. We ARE people who keep our commitments and take pride in what we do!

Be sure to read our Mission Statement and Core Values on the About Us Page to get a good feeling for our corporate culture!

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