Green Services

Midwest Signs will help you increase efficiency and save capitol through:

  • LED Retro-Fit Signage Conversions
  • LED Retro-Fit Lighting Conversions
  • LED Retro-Fit Neon Conversions
  • Solar Film Installation (Through our sister company Killer Wraps)

Save money and be a friend to the environment at the same time with our green services and retro-fit projects. We’re proud to offer you the option of installing signage LED lighting to light up your client’s business. If a lighted sign stays on 24/7, your client will undoubtedly see it in their electric bill. We fix that by performing LED retro-fit conversions by switching the sign’s lighting to LED lights that use a fraction of the energy. Not only will the sign look great, but your client will be thrilled about the money they save.

To learn more about environmentally friendly and energy efficient signage options in Indianapolis, IN, call us today or fill out an email form on the “Contact Us” page. We’re thrilled that we can offer green services, and we’d like to spread the ability to save money and energy as far and wide as possible. Let us start by helping you!