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Indoor and outdoor LED message centers provide your business with a way to display important messages in a timely fashion to your customers. Outdoor LED electronic message centers are an easy way to keep your messages current and interesting without exposing yourself to the elements. A scrolling message led display sign in Indianapolis, IN packs a lot of information into a small amount of space. Movement catches the eye, and LEDs are bright enough to see even when the sun is out. That makes an LED digital sign work well during the day and night.

In a marketplace filled with messages fighting for the viewer’s attention, Midwest Signs offers a way to capture and hold your customer’s focus. For instance, a scrolling LED digital display will create unique messages that can be changed and rotated, with a few simple commands from a computer. No longer does the user have to commit to a single message or manually change copy on a stationary sign in all kinds of inclement weather! Businesses can now keep their message fresh and relevant to their market! Midwest Signs is also an experienced provider of repair service and installation for Digital Display and Gas Station Pricer Boards. Our certified team has completed hundreds of message center and LED Digital Sign installations. We have the experience to successfully complete your project on time and to your satisfaction! Contact us to get a LED Digital Sign price quote.

Here’s what our customers have to say about their boards and Midwest:

“Flat Out Motorsports purchased our first Watchfire Message Center from Ron Courtney owner of Midwest Signs in Indianapolis about 5 years ago. We recently opened our newest location which has extremely high visibility from a major interstate and we knew we wanted to capture that audience! We felt there was no better way to accomplish this goal than with an LED Message Center. We also knew, from our previous experience with Watchfire, if we chose to invest in another Watchfire board we would be able to create dynamic and innovative messages to keep eyes focused on us! We were confident a Watchfire Signs digital sign would be a work horse and very dependable. We also knew using the board to its full capabilities would be manageable and we could train staff to utilize their user-friendly, Egnite software to create vivid and effective messages that engage our customer’s emotions and draw them in. With the help of Midwest Signs we compared Watchfire to all the competition and made the easy decision to choose Midwest Signs for Watchfire Signs again.”

Bill Starkey, Owner, Flat Out Motorsports

Midwest Signs is a Watchfire Certified Service Partner

Midwest Signs is a Watchfire Certified Service Partner

Midwest Signs has completed watchfire onsite training and is certified to sell, install and repair all watchfire boards. We also sell, repair and install all brands of LED message boards.
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Midwest Signs is a Watchfire Certified Service Partner