De-Branding Services

When your requirements include removal and repair of the buildings facia Midwest Signs will complete your project to the landlord’s specifications. Your customer will successfully fulfill the requirements of the lease and can safely delegate all the signage details.

Trust Midwest Signs when you need sign removal or sign repair in the Indianapolis, IN area. We understand that you’re busy, and dealing with signage removal and repair can be a pain. Furthermore, when your client’s landlord has specific standards for the de-branding project, it can be difficult to make sure the work is up to scratch.

That’s when you can count on us. Midwest Signs makes sure to understand and exceed the requirements of the de-branding project. We make sign removal seamless and leave the exterior of the building in perfect condition. Furthermore, if the sign must be removed for repair, we’ve got you covered! Our technicians take care of all the transition work and leave a beautiful sign that represents your client’s brand proudly. That’s a promise, and our family owned business has 40 years of customer satisfaction experience to back it up.